Welcome to the website for the upcoming game Méliès is Gone !

Méliès is Gone is a detective game in which you play as the inventor of cinema, Georges Méliès’ daughter Georgette, as she returns to her family’s abandoned estate, looking for her missing father, who disappeared as he was making his final movie.

Making her way across the manor and the movie studios on the property, Georgette comes across a reel of Méliès’ movie. It is incomplete… But something tells her that to find her father, she’ll have to complete the movie and understand what her father was doing.

Here begins the investigation…



Méliès is Gone is an upcoming game created by five students:

  • Thibault Rivera
  • Audrey Deny
  • Jean-Rémi Agin
  • Maxime Genisson
  • Hugo Agbonon