Make our game more Alive !

Hi ! Maxime here to talk about tech art !

Thanks to Jean-Rémi we have awesome drawings for our scenes, and we need to give them life.

Hugo already talked about it so I won’t be long but the first step was to implant lights in every scenes to make them less frozen in time.

Then, we need for the player to feel atmosphere that Georgette feels. For this, I implemented some details to make the illusion that the scene lives.

You can see snow falling from the sky through the shattered glass.

At the bottom of the gif if you look closely you can also see ropes moving.
But what’s better than ropes moving ? Ropes moving with spooky props !

We are finaly arriving to a living scene thanks to the work of everyone and it’s a joy to watch.

Next step : a sneek peak into the camera projection effect.