Méliès is Gone – Before & After

Remember the first two concept prototypes from Méliès is Gone?

They were built using premade 3D assets in Unreal Engine. Since then, we have worked hard, as we aim to create a full 2D experience with this game!

And now, as time has passed we can see our efforts coming to fruition!

Here’s how Méliès is Gone looked just one month ago, when the project was playtested:

Méliès is Gone - Playtest version

Here’s how it looked like just two weeks ago, after

Méliès is Gone - Before VFXs

And here is how it looks today, after Jean-Rémi added many more details, and Maxime added visual effects to the game!

We’re getting really close to completing a first “vertical slice” prototype for Méliès is Gone! Stay tuned for more!