Let’s talk about UI !

Hey there! Audrey & Jean-Rémi here!

Audrey is the U.X. (User Experience) expert and Jean-Rémi the artist in our team.

Today we wanted to talk to you about U.I. (User Interface) Design.
We’re going to show you how we managed the Cinematograph menu that will allow the player to access the main gameplay mechanics: filming, editing and screening !

U.I. design may seem like a simple task. But it’s actually quite demanding to get right.
It is the core link between you and your interactions with our game. 

We worked together to make this interface clear and intuitive, while making it coherent with our art direction.

While playing “Méliès is Gone” a button with a cinematograph pictogram will always be present at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on it will open the Cinematograph menu.

At first we wanted the cinematograph icon to grow with the animation of the menu opening. But it was taking too much space and created a weird interface shape.

It was important for us that the menu design would have a meaning related to the cinema theme of our game.
We then thought of designing an interface inspired by the shape of a cinema reel.

Leading us to the menu we have now.

A good U.I. is a U.I. you won’t notice.
A bad U.I. will impact negatively the experience you have with a game.
That’s why we took time to make it the most intuitive possible.

Thank you for reading today’s devlog.
We cannot wait to show you more and have you playing our game.

Au revoir !