We have a main character, and she’s moving!

Hi everyone!

Jean-Rémi here, I’m the artist working on “Méliès is Gone”. The detective game inspired by the life and work of filmmaker and magician Georges Méliès.

In our game, we did not want the main character to be a random detective.
Instead, the player will play as Méliès’ daughter, Georgette.

Georgette Méliès - Portrait
Georgette Méliès – Portrait

We don’t have a lot of information about Georgette.
From what we gathered: she was one of the first EVER woman to work on films. Both as an actress and as a camera operator.

Since our main character is going to use a cinematograph to solve mysteries, we thought she would be the perfect character to play as.

Here are some early sketches for her design.

Georgette chara design early sketches by Jean-Rémi

Our game takes place in the late 20s in the suburbs of Paris.
At the time women started to fight for more rights and it impacted fashion. Women started to wear clothes that allowed more movements borrowing element of men’s clothing creating “La Garçonne” style (similar to the Flapper movement).

Since our game is about investigating on Méliès’ disappearance but also to explore his cinema studio, we thought it would be fitting for Georgette to be dressed as a Garçonne.

Here’s the frame by frame animation of Georgette idle’s

Georgette idle

And here’s my working process to animate her walking cycle animation

Georgette Walk animation process

Hope you’re enjoying Georgette’s look.
Cannot wait to show more in the next devlog.
I’ll try to talk a bit more about environment and art direction.

Au revoir !